Resettlement & Rehabilitation Action plan

Large scale development projects involve huge land acquisition and thus forceful displacement of people from their land. Resettlement & Rehabilitation Plan (R & R Plan) helps to systematize the land acquisition process so as to achieve the satisfaction of the land owners and aids effective execution/development of the project with 100% social acceptability.

This reduces the social risks associated with the project which may come up during the design and execution stage and may incur huge cost for managing those social issues. Preparation of R & R Plan is mandatory for all the projects involving land acquisition as per the R&R Act, 2013

EQMS employs the social experts having experience of more than 25 years in preparing Resettlement & Rehabilitation Plan (RAP),  carrying out SIA studies, land acquisition and conducting social audits. R & R Plans has been prepared for various linear projects, mass transit system, hydro-electric project, wind/solar power projects and infrastructure projects. With this wide and vast experience.EQMS can provide with you an effective and robust R & R plan for your project enhancing the social feasibility of the project.



Why RAP?

Establish relationship between local people and project developers

Fulfils desires of local people and enhances social acceptability of project

Provides appropriate compensation to the land holders

Minimize displacement & provide adequate infrastructure facilities at rehabilitation site


RAP Service by EQMS

Preparation of land Acquisition (LA) plan by carrying out HHH level survey

Socio-economic survey of inhabitants proposed to be displaced

Deciding compensation amount as per the legal requirement considering both the property & structures

Social Impact Assessment (with public consultation)

Preparation of Resettlement and Rehabilitation Action Plan incorporating LA issues, SIA issue, legal review, entitlement framework matrix, public consultation, institutional framework, grievance redressal mechanism, monitoring & evaluation, implementation schedule, implementation budget and disclosure.




Vast experience in preparation of R & R Plan for various linear projects, industrial parks, SEZ, Hydro-electric projects etc.

Our experts includes sociologist, economists, environmentalists, land acquisition experts and land documentation experts with experience of more than 25 years in preparation of R & R plans


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