Contractor Safety Management


Today’s organizations face a variety of risks when they undertake a project where contractors are involved.Companies deploying contractors for any job need to plan before contractors set foot on the premises -to make sure that they do not expose themselves to unwanted hazards & risks.


EQMS Contractor safety management solutions help an organization to design & implement structured approach for managing & improving contractor safety. This Contractor to provide safety by both the owner and contractor, and an effective Contractors Safety Management System develops to ensure that the work assigned to the contractor would be carried out in a safe manner.


Building organization Capabilities to Improve Contractor Safety


EQMS Six step methodology helps business firm’s to define their roles & responsibilities to make their safety on to the next level.  With this system, Contractors and company employees, working together, can achieve the cultural necessary to reach world class Operational Excellence.

  • Contractor Selection
  • Contract Preparation
  • Contract Award
  • Orientation and Training
  • Managing the work
  • Evaluating performance


Benefits to the business firms

  • Clear and comprehensive understanding of Contractor Safety Management.
  • Development of an incident free work environment, by creating a systematic approach to managing contractors and making them aware of the various risks associated while working on site.
  • Confirms the contractor’s compliance to the safety requirements listed in the contract as well as site safety requirements.




Since many years, EQMS has helped organization to set up a customized contractor safety management to build their foundation for contractor safety. Our expert solutions gives an immense opportunity to the business firm to simplify the tactics by implementing world’s best practices into their organization.


Next Step


Whether it’s a starting to understand the subject or an improvement of an existing process, feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to assist you.

EQMS Accomplishment

  • EQMS Implementing BBS in Tata Reality
  • EQMS Conducted Safety Audit at TATA Steel , Jamshedpur
  • ESIA , EMP ,RAP for National Waterway 1 between Haldia & Allahabad
  • QRA , HAZOP & EIA for HPCL ( Goa)

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