Fire Safety Audit


Fire is one of the threats faced by every individual & organization. For improvement into the fire system, Fire Audit is an effective tool which identified & assesses the fire risk during operation. EQMS has vast experience in conducting fire safety audit for improving organization’s fire protection programs and overall fire safety facilities. Our expert team works on the areas for enhancement in fire safety measures for fire prevention, protection and improvement system.


Benefits of Fire Safety Audit


To help in identifying unsafe conditions that causes a severe problem which relate to illness & injuries & loss of damage property.

To eliminate fire risk by identifying the possible sources of fire at organization.

To fulfilling the fire needs as per applicable legal Requirement.


EQMS Approach


EQMS expert consultant team uses the best practices by fulfilling the needs of factories Act, Petroleum Act, Electricity Act & the Indian Electricity Rules & National Building Code of India & other legislation with organization consultation. Our recommendations for improvement suggest to the organization preventative and protective measures regarding fire and collaborate with organization employees to work on these major issues into the premises.


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Fire Safety


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EQMS Accomplishment

  • EQMS Implementing BBS in Tata Reality
  • EQMS Conducted Safety Audit at TATA Steel , Jamshedpur
  • ESIA , EMP ,RAP for National Waterway 1 between Haldia & Allahabad
  • QRA , HAZOP & EIA for HPCL ( Goa)

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